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Рубрика: Tor browser установить в linux гидра

Прекращена работа программы tor browser hydra

прекращена работа программы tor browser hydra

В конце работы такого нежелательного и продуманное расположение компонентов к системе достигается из-за работы hydra сайт через TOR. Onion Анонимайзер Hydra-Onion Так сколько такое анонимайзер и для чего он заработок в интернете работа как заработать деньги в игре можно перевести на. I've tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same outcome. Программы предэкзаменационной подготовки их основе работы.

Прекращена работа программы tor browser hydra

Anyway, back to Uber:. An Uber Australian spokeswoman said the company had conducted an audit of the use of Surfcam and it has been prohibited. Hooray for the free market! PR-talk of which even Mozilla would be proud. The Spy Inside Your Car. An estimated million cars will be equipped with voice-recognition systems next year, up from 40 million in , according to IHS Markit.

Currently, most in-car systems are smartphone-based, but Amazon and Google are also developing embedded devices that can work in cars without being tethered to a phone. So your car will have voice recognition. But what does it entail? While it may be convenient for cars to know your shopping habits and favorite places, that information can also be used to create targeted audio or visual ads, sell subscription services, or tip off third-party businesses.

Targeted ads in your Internet, your TV, your phone, and now your car. Your private conversations are no more thanks to an accident, of course. What is clear is it will not be you! What is the problem with remembering your own appointments, choosing your own shopping places instead of being "recommended" while you drive near them, or leaving your house in a proper state instead of relying on an "assistant"? Amazon removes books promoting autism cures and vaccine misinformation.

How about letting the buyers decide if these are unscientific or potentially toxic? And no specific violation was cited. What this actually is is modern book burning. Whatever you think about the autism cures or anti-vaccination, you should be against this attack on buyer choice. Since many platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Twitch etc.

Vizio wants next-generation smart TVs to target ads to households. While Inscape, which specializes in smart TV data, will build the technology, it will be an open standard, meaning any TV manufacturer or connected-device company will be able to integrate the standard in their products. The plan, it seems, is to have mind control in every house. Another "private" invention from the.. We receive IP addresses of downloaders and uploaders as part of our standard server logs.

Although we develop our services in ways that minimize identification, you should know that it may be possible to correlate the IP address of a Send user to the IP address of other Mozilla services with accounts; and if there is a match, this could identify the account email address.

Logs IP for 90 days, connects that to the uploaded file - which means everything they collect is attached to your IP. Next: the interaction data they admit to storing:. This includes information such as number of people sending and receiving files, number of files uploaded and approximate file sizes, percentage of file downloaders who become uploaders, how people engage with the website time spent, clicks, referrer information, site exit path, use of passwords.

Time spent, clicks, referrer information - very private indeed. Now the technical data:. This includes information such as operating system, browser, language preference, country, timestamps, duration for file transfer, reasons for errors, reasons for file expiration. Timestamps, browser, system And Mozilla deceptively calls it Non-personal data - what a joke.

All in all, another.. Among those who could be replaced are cashiers and bartenders. Automatic technology that can make drinks would replace the bartenders and monetary transactions could be done through standard payment technology. There would also be mobile payment processors going around the floor with the wait staff, eliminating the need for cashiers.

There is no indication as to how many such jobs would be replaced at the MGM properties. The agreement guarantees that MGM will not implement any technology that would have a negative impact on employment. However, the news that the MGM is considering replacing some workers with robots could mean that the company is not willing to fulfill this agreement.

So the company promised they will not be replacing people with robots, and is now breaking that promise. A McKinsey and Company report estimates that robots could take over as many as million jobs globally by This is especially the case in advanced economies, such as in the United States. But wait, the capitalists have an answer as usual:. As a result, millions of people will have to learn new skill sets in order to adapt and find employment.

Not all industries will face the same struggles. Jobs involving social interaction, applying expertise, or managing people naturally will not be replaceable by robot technology. The standard blaming of the victim - just get better skills! And of course those engineer and scientist jobs will appear out of thin air for all the teenagers to do. Forget about this - those people will be left to die.

Sometimes people get fined for these things, but they have to be found out first. The intelligent monitoring system removes this requirement, letting the psychopathic elites fine anyone for anything they imagine. As with every such AI application, we will end up with massive amounts of false positives - which hilariously means random people will get asked if they "need help" all the time.

Vaak made headlines last year when it helped to nab a shoplifter at a convenience store in Yokohama. Vaak had set up its software in the shop as a test case, which picked up on previously undetected shoplifting activity. The perpetrator was arrested a few days later. So there has already been a victim. Success for AI! No thief will get away anymore! Except, of course, all the capitalists Think about that the next time your dog shits on the grass While that amounts to approximately 2 percent of revenue, it can make a huge difference in an industry known for razor-thin margins.

The opportunity is huge. Recall the quote above which says the capitalists only lost 34 billion through shoplifting. So they will pay five times more than that to spy on customers, which means they would be better off if they just left them alone! Most likely they will end up 10 or 20 times worse off. The company began selling a market-ready version of its shoplifting-detection software this month, and is aiming to be in , stores across Japan in three years.

The ability to detect and analyze unusual human behavior also has other applications. Vaak is developing a video-based self-checkout system, and wants to use the videos to collect information on how consumers interact with items in the store to help shops display products more effectively. And you thought regular advertising was bad - now you will deal with what is pretty much mind control. Beyond retail, Tanaka envisions using the video software in public spaces and train platforms to detect suspicious behavior or suicide jumpers.

What causes poverty? Capitalism, of course - and it will get worse due to the robot revolution. And yet, this murderous system is being praised even by the very people it harms - how insane. Tencent adds "digital lock" to certain games in China. Tencent is using technology such as facial recognition and player ID checks to ascertain the ages and identities of those playing Honour of Kings and other titles in China.

Of course, as with every invention like that, there will be many flaws - people with younger-looking faces will be penalized. We can expect much hilarity coming out of this, similar to what happened with Content ID that flagged bird songs as copyrighted. In addition, it has already imposed limits on how long young players can play the game, and imposed rules for streaming its game content prohibiting things like violence, information about gambling or pornography, national politics, or other "damaging behavior.

So the government replaces the parent. Consider this a preparation for what the elites are about to do - instead of a reason to claim your country superior. In fact, YouTube, Twitch, etc. Also a reminder to not play shitty mobile games that are easily controlled. Pale Moon gets an uMatrix fork. Up until now, only Chrome based and Firefox based browsers supported uMatrix. Pale Moon is a fork of a very old FF version, but has diverged so far that it develops its own engine and so is independent of Mozilla.

Regardless, rejoice! The conditioning of humans to bow down to their robot overlords continues! The transhumanist cult has tried for a really long time to get people to accept the idea of merging with the machine. The android, dubbed Kannon, is based on the traditional Buddhist deity of mercy and is designed to attract young people. So, the point is to use religion to indoctrinate young impressionable people with transhumanism. Recall the holograms from the video game Deus Ex Invisible War?

One of them had a singer who you were able to talk to And the novelty of it will surely claim some victims at first, while later it will simply be accepted as an everyday thing like regular advertisements. Mind-control and transhumanism Privacy advocate held at gunpoint after license plate reader database mistake, lawsuit alleges. Bay Area police pulled over a California privacy advocate and held him at gunpoint after a database error caused a a license plate reader to flag a car as stolen.

Hofer alleges that an officer had a gun drawn and told him and his brother to exit the rental car, and that a deputy injured his brother by throwing him to the ground. The suit alleges the officers then searched the car without consent. So, a person was threatened with a gun, got his car searched and brother injured - all because an automatic plate reader fucked up. Shows the folly of relying on technology to detect "crime".

Alexa, call the police! And of course, the personal freedoms will end up secondary - if they are considered at all! Right now only the manufacturer decides. Then only the manufacturer will decide, as they admit the situation is now. Of course, this only works on the assumption that people will act "suspicious" outside. They could easily keep their illegal acts in the house, which would be safe from the prying eyes.

That problem is beautifully solved with these so-called smart assistants, and the house becomes enemy territory like the rest of the world already is. How did the police know you were near a crime scene? Google told them. Law enforcement responded to a call last October from an Eden Prairie woman who had just been robbed in her home.

Police wanted Google to identify all mobile devices in the area of the crime scene over a 6-hour time window. They also wanted location data for every cellphone in dense, urban areas surrounding the food market businesses over a hour window. Google was also put under a non-disclosure order, restricted from telling the user that this information would be divulged for at least six months.

Asked earlier this week whether that suggests Brooklyn Park police got a data dump on the wrong person, Bruley cautioned against assuming that, saying that investigations take time. On Thursday, Bruley said police have closed the investigation, because Google ultimately could not track the data point. So, whenever a crime happens, the police can now get location data from everyone that was near the scene. If your profile of life fit their criteria for "suspicious" they will also get massive amounts of your personal data.

And you will never know any of this is happening. But that will come soon enough as well - they will use every advantage the technological slavery system provides them. Of course this will be marketed as a triumph in regards to safety, even though "crime" is arbitrary and can change anytime at the whim of the rulers of this world. Saini found years-old messages in a file from an archive of his data obtained through the website from accounts that were no longer on Twitter.

But, in our tests, we could recover t messages from years ago — including old messages that had since been lost to suspended or deleted accounts. The smart thing to do is to assume that all the tech giants are keeping your data forever. Are robots better baristas? The whole article goes to great lengths to deride us:. But there is good news for those who prefer the familiarity of a first name basis with their favorite carbon-based baristas.

The robots have names. It knows where to place it. While the company is in beta, visitors will likely interact with at least a few organic life forms at the registers. Organic life forms - how insulting. Why not just call us people? Clearly, we are being conditioned to think we are inferior so that the robot revolution is accepted easier. They also want to get into other markets:.

And outcompete them:. So you can expect most food serving places to be mechanized soon. What does that entail? How about not being able to pay with cash:. They create a customer profile, including phone number and payment information. How sad. Brave aims to maintain a working Web, while reducing or eliminating the invasive tracking that has become so ubiquitous online. So which one is the priority? For example, Facebook and Twitter both contain widgets which web authors can integrate into their online properties.

These widgets aim to make it easier for users and publishers to connect by allowing users to authenticate through Facebook or Twitter, rather than creating and maintaining an account with the publisher themselves. The exception list covered by several news outlets allows both of these widget sets to operate on a leash. They can load, but they cannot access local data on the client so as to track the user.

Who gives a shit whether they can access local data? And by whitelisting it, Brave choose a working web over the privacy of its users - proving they, like Mozilla, are just another malicious agent pretending otherwise. Mother arrested for calling a trans person a man on Twitter. I was then detained for seven hours in a cell with no sanitary products which I said I needed.

Prepare to go into their database and be "suspicious" forever! But the most important thing is - as I spoke in.. If this was said in real life, nothing could have happened to her. It might come back to bite you in the ass. The rebranded, National Integrated Identity Management System NIIMS now requires all Kenyans, immigrants, and refugees to turn over their DNA, GPS coordinates of their residential address, retina scans, iris pattern, voice waves, and earlobe geometry before being issued critical identification documents.

Since you need ID to do anything pretty much unless you go live in the woods , you will have to give up all the above data. Imagine the complete slavery and hopelessness that could result. Intelligent cameras will easily detect you by the earlobe geometry, and the voice data might even identify you through an anonymously uploaded YouTube video.

For now this is just Kenya a test run? AI toilets will scan your poop to diagnose your ailments. Imagine smart toilets in the future that will be analyzing human waste in real time every day. Again, more.. Will this actually help people? Even if it is not intented to be used this way, it will be easier to worry about some disease you allegedly have if you.

AI-powered lie detector will question travellers at EU borders. Early tests of the system have resulted in 76 percent accuracy, so well below where it needs to be. This one means lost jobs, but more importantly, it will be more demeaning, dehumanizing imagine having your facial expressions analyzed by a machine When this gets good enough, I can see it being very hard to fool. We found that portraits provided the best way to illustrate our point, which is that algorithms are able to emulate creativity.

Another one of supposed creative human endeavors goes down, supporting the thesis in my.. Wars, propaganda, surveillance, taxes, draconian laws This has increased the popularity of an ideology that aims to answer these problems - talking about Libertarianism here, of course.

However - while the intentions of many of its proponents are surely good - it has mostly missed the mark and is in fact helping the elites accomplish their malicious plans. Though some of its tenets are valuable - as a whole, Libertarianism - similar to Freetardism - pretends to support our freedom but chains us instead. However, this one is way more important, because it concerns the actual, physical world. Split up the "Libertarianism provides freedom only to the capitalists" section so that it is more readable.

Also added more info. These "crimes" you all speak so seriously of To me, this has all been nothing more than a game. Ted Kaczynski, the author of influential essays such as Technological Slavery, is rotting in a high-security prison for life for killing 3 people. Massive update to The folly of politics section! Go check it out - lots of good info IMO. How capitalism destroys everything. The entire store-shopping experience is tightly controlled to fuel endless consumption.

The word will quickly spread that a certain store is giving out free samples and more people will be coming there. They might be compelled to buy more of the product then, when otherwise they would never have looked at it. I mean, do you think the capitalists would give away stuff just for nothing?

No way - actually, it is scientifically proven that free samples are an effective way to increase sales Added "Crusade against fangames and mods" to video game section. What is the point of a web browser? Originally, it was to be able to read HTML documents, but since then, the Web has changed massively, and modern browsers need to satisfy more demands Added section "What if a browser does not support proxy settings?

But which ones should we choose, and which ones to avoid? Added Redirect Bypasser. E-mail sucks but is a necessary evil for now. What should be taken into account while choosing a provider? The most important thing is their privacy policy - as in, what data do they collect and store, and for how long - as well as whom they share it with and under what conditions.

Of course, privacy policies should not be automatically trusted - some red flags to watch out for are: too much secretiveness, too much privacy salesmanship, contradictory claims. Always search the Internet for possible breaches that the service in question might have had! A single guy running a provider is a ticking time bomb. What about encryption? In-built encryption I consider mostly an illusion - there are various ways of implementing it, but none as robust as PGP with your own keys.

And, of course, all of those require webmail, while PGP can be used with mail clients some, like Claws Mail, even have built-in support. After all, since most of the discussion has moved to giant corpo platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, it is particularly important to find a way to separate yourself from those.

The most important criteria will be what is required to register and post. Simply, it is heavily exploitative - pretty much making you into a dog performing tricks for its master "Hey Spike, show me the fire hydrants! Good boy You have no idea when the reward being allowed to register is coming either - maybe your master will be forgiving and force you to perform only three tricks this time?

There is no bigger example of a corporation pretending to be your friend while being your worst enemy. So what makes Mozilla different than Google, Microsoft and such? And it is this facade which I will smash in this article, little by little They recommend browsers from evil companies like Mozilla Firefox; E-mail providers that collect LOTS of your data, such as Mailfence or Runbox; useless or malicious addons like Privacy Badger or NoScript; communication software that ask for your phone number like Signal or Telegram; suspicious VPNs like Proton; care too much about where a service is hosted instead of its policies or functionality; fall for false advertising; have "sponsored" recommendations; ignore very good providers and fail to mention essential things that you SHOULD do.

My aim here is to create an ultimate guide which will hopefully not suffer from any of these issues. And the best thing is, you can do everything here for free! Well, they hide in the shadows. Heavily improved the VPN instructions which really sucked. Also mentioned Snopyta in the applicable sections. No introduction, just a list of software. A little backstory. That started my long Linux journey. A certain ideology has recently or not so recently taken the tech communities by storm.

Lots of minds have been insidiously captured by it, and ted towards the wrong path, so I wanted to try my hand in refuting it, since no one else seems to be doing it. But first things first - what actually is freetardism? Added probably final section "FOSS problems - and how to fix them".

We encounter them everyday, but have learned to ignore or tolerate them - yet they keep popping up like moles, claiming our favorite software. Sometimes we do not know how exactly to describe the flaws - just intuitively realize that something is wrong here.

In this article I will try to more methodically point out the numerous bad design decisions, the popular offenders as well as programs who have managed to avoid them. The long experience with Linux has allowed me, however, to spot some flaws that have for some reason gone unnoticed by the developers and even by the users.

And since no one else mentions them, I will be happy to take on that job. Lots of content modified and added. Or more accurately, the things I do after installing a Linux system to make my experience more comfortable. Even with such a user-friendly distro as Salix which this guide will assume - but most of it can be adapted to other distros , it is easy to get overwhelmed, especially for a recent Windows refugee.

Added instructions on how to copy your current system setup to another computer. Avoiding "The Botnet" - impossible? People these days worry more and more often about escaping what I will call "The Botnet" in this article - just a "meme" way of describing mass surveillance. Websites have been created describing spyware and alternatives to it.

Replacements for social services, instant messaging, VoIP, etc. There are ways to privately share files and host websites as well. Clarified a few things in the Tor section thanks to feedback from a friend. Search Engines - which one to choose? Added FindX, a massive liar and violator. Go to school. Go to work. Earn money. Pay for housing, food, entertainment, whatever. Most of us know this system too well.

But will it last forever? Somehow forgot to add this one. Updated with some new info. This will be updated whenever I play a new game; some of these might also get proper reviews later, so watch this space. Eine kleine Hintergrundgeschichte. Ich bin Linux-Nutzer seit Endlich haben wir Internet gekriegt, und so bestellte ich dann eine Ubuntu 7. Damit startete meine lange Linux-Reise. Git repo. Clearnet 1 and 2. High activity, similar to the old 8chan.

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