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Hydra beauty micro serum перевод

Купить в Украине Увлажняющая сыворотка для лица Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum. Цена грн. Оригинальный товар - штрих код Сыворотка для лица Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Sérum предназначена увлажнять кожу и разглаживать ее. Причем не просто увлажнять, а - интенсивно. % CHANEL HYDRA BEAUTY MICRO SERUM - УВЛАЖНЯЮЩАЯ СЫВОРОТКА ДЛЯ ЛИЦА, 60 ml Принимаемые способы оплаты: Перевод на карту Сбербанка, Тинькофф.

Hydra beauty micro serum перевод

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Skin shows more resistance to oxidative environmental stress. Ex vivo evaluation on day 4 of use. Take your hydration to the next level by layering The Essential Duo with the targeted treatments of your choice. Give skin a fresh start with this exfoliating concentrate. Featuring a complex of three AHAs alpha hydroxy acids and Camellia Yeast Extract, the gentle formula revitalises and hydrates for a smooth, luminous appearance.

The visible results:. Prepare your complexion for the rest of your skincare ritual with this water-like formula. Formulated with White Camellia Wax, this rich face mask soothes dehydrated skin. Moisturise with this illuminating fluid for a glowing appearance. A spritz of this mist under or over makeup refreshes and energises skin.

Based on combined improvement of the look of fine lines, pores, redness and radiance. Self-evaluation 1 hour after application in cold conditions by 16 women with mask left on. Higher temperatures call for hydrating textures that let the complexion breathe. Strengths: Sleek and occasionally elegant packaging; the sunscreens provide broad-spectrum protection; a handful of good cleansers and a topical scrub; some impressive foundations with sunscreen; an assortment of good makeup products including concealer, blush, mascara, eyeshadow and bronzer.

Weaknesses: Expensive, with an emphasis on style over substance; overpriced; over-reliance on jar packaging; antioxidants in most products amount to a mere dusting; no products to successfully address sun- or hormone-induced skin discolorations with research-proven ingredients; mostly mediocre to poor eye pencils; extremely limited options for eyeshadows if you want a matte finish. The history of this Paris-bred line is steeped in fashion, jewelry, and fragrance firsts.

The company likes to mention its research facility, referred to as C. Founded in and funded by Chanel, the goal of this research facility is "to help provide a scientific foundation for the design of skin care products and to promote public awareness of the principles underlying maintenance of healthy, attractive skin. Just like most Chanel skin-care products, the research facility and its ties to the dermatology community make it sound more impressive than it really is.

For more information about Chanel, call or visit www. Chanel pulls out all the stops to present their makeup in the most flattering light. For example, few companies have foundations with textures as varied and state-of-the-art as Chanel.

However, most of their foundations with sunscreen are formulated without essential UVA-protecting ingredients, even though Chanel clearly knows about this issue, as evidenced from their numerous skin-care products that do contain avobenzone or titanium dioxide. We doubt Chanel will reevaluate their pricing for the better, but given that, the least you should expect is stellar performance from everything you buy that bears the iconic double C logo!

Note: Chanel is categorized as a brand that tests on animals because its products are sold in China. Although Chanel does not conduct animal testing for its products sold elsewhere, the Chinese government requires imported cosmetics be tested on animals, so foreign companies retailing there must comply.

This requirement is why some brands state that they dont test on animals unless required by law. Animal rights organizations consider cosmetic companies retailed in China to be brands that test on animals, and so does the Beautypedia Research Team. The Beautypedia team consists of skin care and makeup experts personally trained by the original Cosmetics Cop and best-selling beauty author, Paula Begoun.

Our mission has always been to help you find the best products for your skin, no matter your budget or preferences. This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our terms of use here. You are on your way to Amazon to buy a Beautypedia-reviewed product. Watch your inbox and get ready for the latest skincare and makeup product reviews from our team of experts.

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The Complete CHANEL Hydra Beauty Skincare Line

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