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The hydra battle

the hydra battle

Скачать Alan Menken - The Hydra Battle бесплатно в mp3. Качество песни кбит/с, размер мб, длина Песня The Hydra Battle (OST из "Геркулес / Hercules") скачать или прослушать на сайте. The Hydra Battle - VA - трек из (Геркулес) слушать и скачать онлайн без регистрации.

The hydra battle

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Alan menken the hydra battle. Популярные жанры. По всем вопросцам писать: info muzofond.

The hydra battle маньчжурия в конопле


Elemental Breath deals magic damage and pushes heroes back. The first affected hero is pushed back further than the others and also harshly slowed. The affected heroes are burned. The debuff decreases their armor and deals physical damage over time.

Mojo can die and his Hex curse will stay on throughout the battle. Then you should add an additional damage dealer to your team that can survive and keep on hitting Hydra. Jhu in your team should be quite well leveled up. Healers in your team should heal him fast enough so that Jhu can use his skills a lot. On top of that, Mojo will exponentially increase this damage with his Hex skill. In case your Jhu is still being leveled up, you can use Mojo and Orion duo. Important note: any other damage dealer with Mojo will not have the same effect and you might see weaker results.

Daredevil seems to be the Hydra slayer, she performs amazingly well against all the Hydras. Ideally you wan to have max Daredevil. Primarily focus on her artifact book and health stats. Corvus seems to be one the best heroes to use against any hydra, you should put Corvus into one of your teams. You should focus on his physical attack and agility stats. You should also focus on his artifact weapon stats. What do you guys think about the new game mode — Hydra? How successful were your attacks?

Please let us know in the comments. Also, it would be nice to see the Hydra stats, like armor and Mag Defense… not sure how relevant Mag or Phys penetration is. I hate this new game mode. Not just dislike, but actually hate it. I have to build an entire new group of heroes to fight many of the hydra heads.

It makes so much of my previous investment and development irrelevant. Strongly considering just cutting out because of this. Yasmine is an absolute beast for me. Total team at K. I run about Crit damage team — Chabba I guess any other tank will work , Jhu, Daredevil and Sebastian with a good healer I use Martha works fine for me, undead for the back up.

Still stuck on the first one though. How do you kill all 6 heads in one day? No one has mentioned Qing Mao, but at level 75 she does about twice as much damage as Daredevil against almost all the hydras. Both are pretty equally geared. Does Qing Mao drop way off later, or is still good to use to end game on hydras? Which means, the more health the hydra has, the more damage Qing Mao will do. Would Mojo, Orion, and Jhu be an even more powerful combo or am I missing something?

Like needing additional healers or tanks to survive the damage? Terms and Conditions. Skip to content. The region of Lerna was known for its marshes and lakes. In Greek mythology, this also made it a portal to the Underworld. Entrances to the Underworld were thought to exist in many parts of the living world, usually in remote and dangerous locations where few people would stumble across them.

The swamps of Lerna made it an ideal place for such a gateway. In addition to natural dangers and obstacles, the Greeks also believed that portals to the realm of Hades were guarded by terrible monsters. The hazards of remote locations were represented by beasts who would kill anyone who strayed too far off the beaten path. The Hydra was typical of one of these Underworld guardians. Cerberus , for example, shared the feature of having many heads.

Guardians in mythology were often described in this way with the explanation that this allowed them to be continuously watchful. Snakes, too, were associated with the Underworld. Many monsters in Greek mythology, from the giant Typhon to the snake-haired Gorgon , had serpentine elements. The Hydra thus fits the type of an Underworld guardian, but it also represents a very real danger. The mythology of ancient Greece, and of Hercules in particular, features many monsters with obvious real-world parallels.

Most of the beasts and monsters fought by Hercules were exaggerated versions of animals found in the wilds of Greece and Asia Minor. While lions are now extinct in Europe, for example, Asian lions could be found in Greece until shortly before the classical period. Greek colonists in Asia Minor and North Africa would have been even more familiar with such predators. The Hydra is an exaggerated form of a venomous snake. Its many regenerating heads are a later addition to make the monster more fearsome, and could also represent a nest of snakes coiling together.

While the adders native to Greece are not aggressive, bites are a risk to those who unwittingly step too close to one or threaten it. Walking through somewhere like a swamp, where the ground would be obscured by water and debris, could carry the risk of encountering a venomous snake.

Some historians believe that a real-world snake was not only a general danger represented by the story, but also a specific danger for a historic Hercules. The labors of Hercules are closer to plausible events in real life than those of many other figures in Greek mythology. This is one of the factors that have lead to an interpretation that Hercules may have been inspired by a real person. If this historical figure existed, he would have lived long before the time of the Greek poets. His Stone Age origins could be reflected in the club and animal skins that continued to define the Greco-Roman demi-god.

The Hydra, like many of the monstrous creatures defeated by Hercules, could have come from a real creature encountered by a prehistoric hunter. A large venomous snake was, over the course of many centuries, transformed into a multi-headed monster who spit deadly toxins. The contributions of Iolus in defeating the serpent may have been inspired by ancient practices, as well.

The use of fire to flush out snakes and scare away predators was rewritten as the key to overcoming an otherwise unstoppable monster. The multi-headed Hydra was a great serpent with a particularly potent venom. When one of its many heads was removed another, or more than one other in later tales, would grow back in its place. When Hercules was sent to kill the Hydra as the second of his famous labors, he was nearly overpowered by this regeneration.

His young nephew, Iolaus, was inspired by Athena to find a solution. As Hercules cut off the heads, his nephew quickly cauterized the wounds with a torch to keep another head from growing from the wound. The fact that Hercules needed help, however, lead to the quest as being discounted. Hera and Eurythemus used it as an excuse to force him to undergo more deadly endeavors. The Hydra shares much in common with Underworld guardians in ancient mythology.

These monsters, often many-headed and with snake-like attributes, watched doorways to the realm of the dead to keep humans from coming to close and to ensure the souls of the dead did not escape. In form, however, the Hydra was much closer to a naturally-occurring hazard of the landscape than many of the more fanciful monsters of other legends. This was something it had in common with many of the creatures defeater by Hercules.

This leads some historians to believe that the story of the Hydra may have once been one of a real-world animal. It was one of many creatures defeated by a Stone Age hunter whose exploits became so well-known that they passed into legend.

My name is Mike and for as long as I can remember too long! I have been in love with all things related to Mythology.

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